Learn to lead workshop November 3rd

Hi everyone. Do you like singing ? Have you ever thought you might like to lead the davenning for Kabbalat Shabbat ? There will be a “learn to lead” workshop at 8pm on Wednesday 3rd November, somewhere in NW3 (we’ll let you know), with more workshops in the coming months….

If you would like to get to know the tunes better and learn more about the skills involved with how to lead. And you don’t have to always sing the same old tunes they can be new and different melodies. This is for people involved with minyans everywhere. Or if you can’t make that date please get in touch and we can arrange some personal “tuition” for you.

Even if you are sort of interested but feeling a bit unsure, talk to us about it as lots of people really have the potential and ability to lead.  Remember, if you’re tempted to lead, but are feeling shy, you can always jointly lead with one or two other people to start with. This is about leading a community of peers in prayer. Not performing. It’s like you are the captain and everyone else is the crew. You are all working together to create something beautiful, but they are relying on your guidance. You do not need to have a beautiful voice to lead, but you should be able to carry a tune.

Lots of love, the carlebach minyan xx


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