Grassroots Jews: Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur 2014

The Carlebach Minyan is part of Grassroots Jews, the Jewish community which brings people together for high holiday services and all sorts of other things. Come join our community. New this year:  CHILDRENS’ SERVICES and baby naming ceremonies as our community grows.

Grassroots Jews is a Jewish festival collective, celebrating key Jewish festivals throughout the year. It is continually built and rebuilt by a team of volunteers. Grassroots Jews are by nature creative, passionate, open-minded, deep-thinking, curious, get-up-and-doers. Through engaging with the themes of the Jewish year seriously but playfully, we bring together ancient wisdom and new insights for joy-filled Jewish growth.

Bereshit… In the beginning…

In 2009, a small group of volunteers involved in alternative Jewish groups (Wandering Jews, Carlebach Minyan and Moishe House London) got together to put on their own Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur services. They combined spiritually engaging and participative services with inclusive values. In creating an open, non-denominational space, they attracted a broad range of Orthodox, Masorti, Reform, Liberal and unaffiliated Jews to come together within the Grassroots tent.

Spiritual, Meaningful, Inclusive

GRJ provides alternative ways to connect to traditional worship, such as support for first-time Torah-readers and service-leaders, asking newcomers to make blessings, and handy reflection maps to navigate the prayers. Alongside services, Grassroots offers enrichment sessions for people to learn, meditate and share experiences around the themes of the High Holidays: celebration and renewal, forgiveness and personal growth. Artists are commissioned to transform the tent into a pop-up, dedicated prayer space, and the house into a warm communal setting ideal for learning and meditation. In short, Grassroots Jews found new ways to celebrate empowered, intentional Judaism.


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