Grassroots Jews is the indie high holidays services run by the Carlebach Minyan, Wandering Jews and Moishe House.  We’re open for bookings ! We would LOVE you to come and all the info is here on the Grassroots Blog.

Independent Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur Services in London NW3

Rosh Hashana starts on September 9th 2010

Please contact the Grassroots Co-ordinator Rachel Marcus if you’d like to get involved.

This is for people of all ages from children to grandparents.

We will shortly be announcing our venues.

We are a group of friends with many different Jewish backgrounds and perspectives.

We want to be the kind of place where people say hello to people they don’t know.

Free wheeling, open, free to come and go, chill out spaces, cushions, tents, friendly, space for mothers and babies. We also think exploring, questioning and challenging is important. We are looking at parallel sessions with less structure and more spontaneity such as experimental approaches to prayer, meditation and yoga.

We want to try to create gatherings which are heartfelt, soul centered and intellectually inspiring. And we intend to bring a spirit of joy and Jewish exploration to our services.


So if you want to be part of an avowedly inclusive community. If you ever sat in Shul and thought “there must be more to it than this”. If you want to be part of a huge, and potentially risky social experiment. If you know in your heart of hearts and the very depths of your soul that one of the best times you had in a minyan in London was with WJ, Carlebach Minyan or MoHoLo. Even just the once. Then please come and join us. More here on who’s doing what.

If you want to get involved – with leyning, just helping out, or offering accomodation and meals – please do let us know.


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