Drumming Yeshiva

Join Danny Raphael, Adina, Gabriela, Joel and friends for the Drum Circle Yeshiva on July 7th. 8pm – 9.30, in London NW3. In our Drum Circle Yeshiva we will study texts connected to drumming and music in the Torah. Continue reading


What does this community mean to you ?

During the past 4 or 5 years there has been a flourishing of Jewish activity in London outside of established institutions. The ethos in newly emerging communities which gather around groups like  Grassroots Jews , the Carlebach Minyan, Wandering Jews and Moishe House is earthy, thoughtful and creative. People are taking inspiration from radical festivals like Burning Man, with its ideology of community, participation, extreme creativity and pushing boundaries. They are mixing all that with a desire for a return to their roots with a more joyful and musical spirituality which people have experienced at Carlebach shuls in Jerusalem (eg Yakar) and Tzfat. They are creating gatherings where people are doing art, dance and culture in the great outdoors as well as learning texts in a serious way. Continue reading

Grassroots Jews, the indie High Holidays, is open for bookings !

Grassroots Jews, the indie high holidays services, are open forbookings ! We would LOVE you to come and all the info is here on the Grassroots Blog. We are a group of friends with many different Jewish backgrounds and perspectives. We want to be the kind of place where people say hello to people they don’t know. We want to try to create gatherings which are heartfelt, soul centered and intellectually inspiring. And we intend to bring a spirit of joy and Jewish exploration to our services… Continue reading